Day 2 of 7 – Easy #DIY #Foodie #Gifts

FOODIE.001Forget the hassle of wrapping paper and get creative with these seven suggestions. Viola! Gifts are served.

Idea #2 Give a grater gift.

Here is a gift where you hide things. Using a cheese grater, tuck away some useful cooking tools inside. Small items that are difficult to wrap will turn into unexpected hidden treasures. Grater Gift Stack the grater on top of a boxed gift. Wrap ribbon around once so that the box can easily slide out when ready to open. Tie the bow at the grater’s handle. TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR Idea #3 Capture it in a colander. THESE GIFT IDEAS ARE GREAT FOR WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, GRADUATIONS, PROMOTIONS, HOLIDAYS, AND MORE. BON APPÉTIT.

About the author: Sean Cuadra is the founder of The Gifted Horse. He creates personalized gifts, party favors, and decorations.

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