Day 3 of 7 – Easy #DIY #Foodie #Gifts

FOODIE.001Forget the hassle of wrapping paper and get creative with these seven suggestions. Viola! Gifts are served.

Capture it in a colander

For larger gifts use a colander as the base. Items inside the colander can be stacked high, so long as the presentation does not become top-heavy. Colander Gift Serving utensils make great embellishments for the bow. Wrap the ribbon around once so that it can easily slide off the colander when ready to open. Tie the bow towards the top to add height to the gift. Tune in tomorrow for the next great idea… Top it off for good measure!

These gift ideas are great for weddings, birthdays, graduations, promotions, holidays, and more. Bon appétit.

About the author: Sean Cuadra is the founder of The Gifted Horse. He creates personalized gifts, party favors, and decorations. If you enjoyed this post, please follow the Gift Envy blog below.

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